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  • Brownells Complete .38-.45 Chamfering Kit
    260.99 USD

    To cover the ""whole nine yards"" there's the COMPLETE GUNSMITH'S CHAMFERING TOOL KIT. You get two 18deg Chamfer Cutters, two 18deg Brass Laps, the 11deg Brass Lap, the 5deg Brass Lap, the 11deg Chamfer Cutter, the .38 caliber 5deg Chamfer Cutter, all four ...
  • Brownells 11 .38-.45 Intermediate Chamfering Kit
    137.99 USD

    The INTERMEDIATE KIT adds one Facing Cutter and one Pilot of your choice to the Basic Kit. Mfg: Brownells...
  • Brownells/Samson Mfg.Corp. S&W K/L/N Frame Spd Tool
    49.99 USD

    Pocket tool helps you perform most of the tasks required to maintain a Smith & Wesson K, L, or N frame revolver. Great for quick repairs and adjustments in the field or at the range. Includes screwdriver bits for the grip screws and strain screws, ...
  • Clymer Shotgun Rim Cutter & Headspace Ring
    115.00 USD

    Cutter removes damaged metal from shotgun chambers with damaged rim-recess areas. Solder ring in place, recut rim. Mfg: Clymer SPECS: Cutter - M-7 H/Speed Steel. 5- 1/4"" (13.3cm) long. Bronze pilot bushing. Rings - 1031 steel. Approx. 1/4"" (6.3mm) long....
  • Custom Gunsmithing, Inc. Jointed Replacement Rod-Nra Weight
    17.25 USD

    JOINTED REPLACEMENT ROD-NRA WEIGHT Mfg: Custom Gunsmithing, Inc....
  • Garthwaite Browning Hi-Power Armorer's Tools
    79.95 USD

    Selected by noted pistolsmith Jim Garthwaite, these are the right tools for complete disassembly and reassembly of your Hi-Power. Jim's innovative Hammer/Sear Installation Tool is part of the Kit and is also available separately. Machined out of solid aluminum, it's designed ...
  • Barska Ak-47/Akm/Sks Front Sight Adjustment Tool
    12.99 USD

    Compact steel tool easily adjusts windage and elevation on most makes and models of AKseries and SKS rifles. The C-clamp sight pusher moves the sight drum to the left or right for windage adjustments. The end of the T-handle fits into the elevation ...
  • Talon Tactical S&W M&P Rear Sight Tool
    3.99 USD

    Slides into the dovetail and holds the striker plunger spring and cap in place for hassle-free rear sight installation. Speeds the job and lessens the risk of losing the spring or cap. Tough polymer tip resists wear, plus won't mar the slide or ...
  • Aro-Tek Armorer's Tools For Glock
    45.00 USD

    Precision-made tools that will take care of most any field repair on the entire family of Glock Pistols. Kit includes: 3/16"" nut driver for easy, front sight removal; .050"" Allen wrench for rear sight removal, installation and adjustment; and a 3/32"" punch ...
  • Magna-Matic Corporation Ak-47/-74/Akm/Saiga Front Sight Tool
    30.99 USD

    Hardened steel tool enables fast, easy, precise windage and elevation adjustment on a wide variety of Kalshnikov-type rifles. The full-circle clamp is far stronger than generic C-clamps for secure, positive contact with the sight tower to adjust the sight for windage. Viewing ...